Vicci Ho is a writer, film programmer and producer. She has written for Variety and worked for film festivals across the globe, including Toronto International Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival and directed the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.  She is the President of Janitor Interactive: a production company specializing in games.

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changing habits

The example that jumped out at me the most from this week's reading of The Power of Habit is to accept failures as experimentation in kicking a habit. I was a smoker and did take at least 5 "relapses" to finally kick it for good. But I am curious to see how much more difficult it would be when the habit is psychological. I LOVE TO PROCRASTINATE. I am one of those people who always get the job / homework / task done on time, but I would always take my sweet sweet time to complete it. Even when I have time and what is necessary to get it done weeks before, I would always wait until it is almost due to complete it. My distractions can range from fun (TV shows, movies, video games) to pointless (facebook, reading articles) to another task (vacuuming, cleaning). It is not a specific habit as described in the book (a cookie every afternoon) but there is no doubt it is a habit, and one that has stayed with me longer than any other habit I have since kicked.

The readings touched upon some habits around work, but I would be very interested to read a little more of the book to see if there is a way for me to kick this procrastination habit and become more effective at work!

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