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Fandom activity: Frozen singalong

Clio and I decided to partner up for this week's homework: fan-like activity. We were trying to figure out a few things we would never do that is also not too cost prohibitive. I am not much of a basketball fan, and we contemplated it, but we figured it would be too expensive to go to a game. Ditto with the "Sex and the City" bus tour: I have never really seen the show and the experience would likely be rather unbearable for me, but the price tag ($46!!!) was a bit too much. As I was checking movie session times for the new Lego movie, I noticed a session for "Frozen Sing-Along" at the cinemas. I saw the film back in December and admired it, though it is clearly that there are enough fans for Disney to release a daily screening of the sing-along version so soon. Clio and I, now joined by Suzanne, armed with a few props (tiara, magic wand and a glittery "cape"), attended the screening.

The screening has a balanced mixture of parents with their kids, which I suspect are there for a second screening, or they felt the kids could make more noise during it, as well as adults who are very much there for a sing-along. I wore my tiara and held a magic wand as I walked in, and was surprised that it was a mother who told her kids to wave at 'the princess'...I of course was donning the gear sarcastically, but I thought it was possibly one of the sweetest acts anyone had ever performed.

While I do not know most of the songs in the film, I do know the single "Let It Go" and have vague memories of some of the songs from the first viewing. I decided that I had to participate and at least sing a few times during the film.

What I immediately noticed when the songs came on was the most obvious (aka loudest) singers are the group of teenage / young adult girls on my left, sadly, I also quickly realized most people were NOT actually singing along in this sing along. I tried my best to sing along to the film, but it is difficult to when I don't really know the songs. I felt that the once the singers realize they are in the minority, the singing also became softer.

A few songs were more popular than others: I did my best to belt out "Let It Go" but it is not an easy song to sing, so us fellow singers could only try our best. I certainly appreciated the applause that the audience gave out to those who tried singing to that!

While I thoroughly enjoyed this sing-along, I feel that it would be much more fun a few years from now when the sing-along is a one off, which means everyone in the cinema would be singing along. I felt a little bit weird dressing up a little (I don't usually even feel comfortable dressing up during Halloween!) but there was something quite fun when someone acknowledged your efforts. I think when this become a full-blown fan event, we'd see a lot more Elsas, Annas and Olaf in the audience! attempt to be a princess

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