Vicci Ho is a writer, film programmer and producer. She has written for Variety and worked for film festivals across the globe, including Toronto International Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival and directed the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.  She is the President of Janitor Interactive: a production company specializing in games.

This is her personal page.

Final project thoughts

I have been thinking a lot about whether I wanted to build upon my midterm idea and make a system of NES and analog sensors, but I wanted to move onto something different and I also feel the concept has been done to death. So, I started thinking about doing something that kids can play with, being inspired by making toys for kids (my nephew and niece, on a personal level)...I want to make a toy that is fun, tactile, and not attached to a computer / glass screen. I thought about making some toys that are big in scale, with sensors that can trigger music or a function that does not require the child to stare at a screen. I thought about a jigsaw puzzle that plays songs if it is completed, blocks that can be tossed around without breaking, and can generate a level of interactivity. Ultimately: I am interested in fun, friendly to kids, and does not involve staring at a screen. Sadly, I am lacking in inspiration.

I am curious to see what the rest of the class is interested in, and ideally we can join forces!

My week with the NYT API (or why the hell did I think it was a good idea???)

Mid-term Project