Vicci Ho is a writer, film programmer and producer. She has written for Variety and worked for film festivals across the globe, including Toronto International Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival and directed the Hong Kong Lesbian & Gay Film Festival.  She is the President of Janitor Interactive: a production company specializing in games.

This is her personal page.

ICM Final Reflection - Part 1

This has been an enlightening few weeks. When I first started brainstorming for the ICM final, I was immediately drawn to APIs. While my wild idea of turning the New York Times API into a huge movie review archive that can provide me with A LOT of data did not quite work out (If someone does know a way to do it, please contact me), I know I wanted the exercise to have something to do with data. When that failed, I decided to generate my own data, and I started writing a sketch that is essentially a movie recommendation sketch.

The idea is simple enough: click on buttons depending on one's mood and it will give you a recommendation for a film.

First Menu: Menu 1

Second Menu: Menu 2

Up: One of the results Up, one of the potential results

I however, felt the limitations of building a GUI in Processing and my lack of commend over such limitations mean this project would not be able to reach the level that I wanted it to be. And I wasn't quite ready to give up on my API experimentation yet.

So. I decided to use the idea I had with moods, but instead of making a movie recommendation app, so to speak, I wanted to make it into an animation with 4 screens that will show tweets from the four hashtags.

Idea for starting screen of Tweeter API animation

I worked to try and get the twitter API up and running, and after a few failures (and a ban from Twitter) I got a sketch working, but it became clear that if I split it into four screens, there would be too much information and it would be too hard to control.

ICM_final_tweets broken up into words from Vicci Ho on Vimeo.

So, in the end, I settled for 2 search results, and instead of breaking it up, I decided to make a pop-up, slow fading effect, so you can catch a glimpse of the tweet search results.

ICM final - Twitter API animation from Vicci Ho on Vimeo.

I will write another blog in the near future about some challenges and feedback from the presentation.

Pcomp final prototype - notes #2

The music block idea