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Mall invasion --- Newport Center

I didn't get a chance to get out of town this spring break, but I wanted to at least explore a shopping area / mall that I haven't been to before. I therefore ventured to Newport, NJ, where I was informed has a mall right by the PATH. So, on a balmy Saturday afternoon, I invaded Newport Center. Newport Center is, in my opinion, a very average, middle-class mall. There are your standard malls {Macy's, Kohl's), chain stores (Victoria's Secret, H&M, Adidas, Foot Locker...), a food mall and cinemas. So these are what I noticed:

Stores that sell pop-culture tees with "edgy" storefronts: This one is designed like a fake alley and graffiti logo:

"edgy" storefronts

Maybe because it is spring break: I saw two store windows with practically the same message (Wet Seal & Vans)

Wet Seal


Speaking of vans, skater culture is still big:


I don't know much about Newport, but I assume it is likely to be almost suburban: I saw a lot of families there, and I believe one of their major target clienteles are teenagers. A lot of the brands are for a younger demographic: American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M and Aéropostale: a brand I confess I have never heard of before. I was interested in a few displays of theirs:




I also noticed they have a campaign with Pretty Little Liars: A teen show that deals with rich girls, murder, intrigue, OTT storylines...(I've only seen one episode...)

A final thing I noticed but I couldn't get a photo of: Aldo accessories using the concept of "fighting" and toughness to promote a fight against AIDS campaign:

Midterm project - Tweet Poems

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